Out-of-the-ordinary books

Artist books often stretch the definition of “book.” These workshops incorporate a whole range of fun and innovative book forms with connections to many areas of the curriculum: history, math, science, foreign languages, and more.


I can help you match a book form with a topic you want to explore. For example, a Vade Mecum was traditionally a pocket reference book for travelling doctors but you could use this structure and create a little cheat sheet for any subject: useful expressions in a foreign language, math formulas, etc.


Mobius movables and flexagons lend themselves to a looping story, and single-sheet books are great if you want to gradually add more chapters or create a set of several little volumes.


Workshops can focus on one book form or include a few.

The level of difficulty varies.


Minimum one hour. 



  • Vade Mecum: a pocket reference book from the Middle Ages (pre-Wikipedia!)

  • Hornbook: a precursor to the textbook

  • Harlequinade: the first movable books for children (18th century)

  • Flexagons and hexaflexagons: books that magically--and geometrically--reveal and conceal their facets

  • Mobius movables: story-making with Mobius strips

  • Big Bang origami pop-up: one big geometric pop-up

  • Star book: an origami-inspired book that is as much storybook as decoration

  • Hand-sized hardcover book: a mini book constructed using a secret ingredient

  • Single sheet book with cover: an almost-instant book offering many possibilities, and no glue needed

  • Secret spy book: a mini code book (or language book) hidden inside a camouflaged cover