Workshops In Schools: A Bit of History

colleague Pierre

The Hardcover Book project originated in the 1970s with Pierre Ouvrard, a master Canadian bookbinder who, as a favour to a teacher friend, went into her elementary school classroom one day a year (for 20 years!) to help the students bind their stories into hardcover books. 


In 1996, he passed on his techniques to Pierre-S. Tremblay, who greatly expanded the project and has worked with over 50,000 kids across the province of Quebec.

 I had the good fortune to meet and apprentice with Pierre “Monsieur PST!” in 2003 and have been leading bookbinding workshops ever since, adding pop-up and artist book workshops along the way.

We were also joined by two other colleagues who offer the same school workshops: bookbinder Cécile Côté from Montreal  and Vancouver-based artist Claudia Segovia.


Bookbinder’s Apprentice, (French: "l’Apprenti relieur"), is the unofficial name for our little group of bookbinders and book artists who offer this specific workshop model in elementary schools primarily in and around Montreal.

Kate’s Workshops - Some Highlights

I have had the chance to make books or pop-ups with 9,000+ kids in over 85 schools around Quebec and in Vancouver.

Other Workshop Venues

  • Montreal Children’s Library, Richmond Branch

  • The Visual Arts Centre Summer Camp, Montreal

  • Montreal Central Library (La Grande Bibliothèque)

  • German School Baie d'Urfé, QC

Workshops with Adults

  • Au Papier Japonais, Montreal

  • Drawn and Quarterly, Montreal

  • Iota Press, California

  • ELST Design Studio, Vancouver

  • Ino Community Centre, Kochi, Japan

My Books and Pop-ups

  • My artist books have been exhibited in Montreal and Vancouver

  • I have created pop-up and book props for theatre and film

  • My commissioned work includes editions of poetry chapbooks and artist books.

Selected Learning Experiences and Qualifications

  • Artist in the juried Quebec government Artists in the Schools program

  • Artist included in the ELAN Artists Inspire Grant program


  • Apprenticeship in bookbinding with kids with Pierre-S. Tremblay 

  • Traditional bookbinding classes with Louise Genest and Nicole Billard

  • Pop-up mechanisms classes with Celia King and Ed Hutchins

  • Artist book workshops with Keith Smith, Claire Van Vliet, Reg Beatty


  • Cambridge CELTA certificate in teaching English as a Second Language to Adults

  • BFA classes in fine arts (photography and art history) at Concordia University, Montreal

  • BA in Humanistic Studies (languages, arts, sciences) from McGill University, Montreal

A Bit More About Kate
(aka, “Madame Pop-Up”)


I was always an "art kid" but the magical world of secret codes and spy stuff also fascinated me. This fascination eventually led to a minor obsession with language learning. I have been fortunate enough to work in both the areas of arts and languages for more than 20 years. Happily, these two sides are crossing paths more and more.


Here are a few examples of my projects:

  • Artist book projects with my adult English as a Second Language (ESL) students

  • Bookbinding with kids in FSL and ESL classes

  • Creating simple books to help with my own language learning

Feel free to contact me about art-language projects or any of my workshops.