A long-term collaboration between the teacher, the student, and me.

I meet the students briefly in person or over Skype to launch the project.

The teacher helps the students create the content (writing and illustrations) over the course of several months. Then I arrive at the school with my tools and equipment and the kids bind their books (one full day per class).

The content can be whatever you prefer--fiction or nonfiction.



  • An original story or fable (e.g., The Hamster and the Peacock)

  • A story inspired by a book read in class (e.g., Harry Potter and the Magic Skateboard)

  • A collection of texts about a period in history (e.g., Canada in the 1900s)

  • A reference work (e.g., All About Dinosaurs)

  • A comic book or graphic novel (e.g., The Escape)

“Kate’s workshops have been running in our school for years, and they’re one of the highlights of Grade 4.


The kids all look forward to them. The books are beautiful - real keepsakes - and the children are always amazed by what they are able to accomplish.”

Helge D.
Parent from Montreal

Call me at (1) 514-270-8833 or send an email to discuss your class or group. 

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