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Variations on the traditional Western case binding

Mini Book   NEW!

A great way to understand how a book is put together without a huge time commitment. For children, the cover paper and endpapers are pre-cut. And there is a secret ingredient that makes it easy to construct the covers.

Ages: 8 to 108


  • a journal for a trip, activity or special event

  • a list of favourite words, quotes or books

  • a collection of postage stamps

  • a language phrasebook

  • a birthday book


Big Book

This project was designed for elementary schools and requires several months from start to finish. To begin, I meet the students in the fall for a one-hour interactive presentation. Over the following months, the teacher helps the students create the content (writing and illustrations). Then I arrive at the school with my bookbinding tools and equipment and help students bind their books. The workshop is one full day per class.


Ages: 6 to 12

Past projectsCross-Curricular Hardcover Books


  • An original story or fable 

  • A story inspired by a book read in class 

  • A collection of texts about a period in history 

  • A reference work: All About ____

  • A comic book or graphic novel 

“I love Kate’s bookbinding workshops! The creation of a real hardcover book is a fantastic project that gives students a meaningful reason to write.


My students were enthusiastic during the writing process, engaged and excited during the binding day, and very proud of the end product.”

Scott H.
Teacher from Vancouver
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