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Alternative books and mail

Artists' Books

Artist books stretch the definition of “book.” Here are four quick and creative book forms and a few ways you can use them. Workshops can include one, two, three or all four books depending on the time available.


Clockwise from the top left:

  • The Pocket Accordion Book: recipes, a multiple-endings story, biography cards

  • The Medieval Folding Almanac: a math reference sheet, scientific facts 

  • The Secret Door Book: a mystery, a dream or fantasy story, a birthday card

  • The Reversible Book: two haikus, two sides of a debate, a mini language phrase book


Ages: 6 to 106

Past project: Book Arts and Language Learning


Mail Art   NEW!

Since the  invention of email, finding a real card or letter in your mailbox has become a rare and pleasant surprise. Mail art, an art movement that originated in the 1960s, rejected the boring white envelope and encouraged people to use correspondence as a way to express themselves and “exhibit” their creations as they pass through the postal system. With the Covid pandemic, mail art has seen a mini resurgence brightening the days of people on the receiving end.

Workshops can include any combination of these mini-workshops:

  • Unique envelopes: Create envelopes in unusual shapes and designs.

  • Artist stamps: With new and used postage stamps for inspiration, design your own decorative self-adhesive stamp.

  • Foam stamps: Make low-tech and impressive printing stamps.

  • Illustration and collage: Learn techniques to make your mail stand out.


Ages: 4 to 104

Past project: Connecting Through Mail Art

"Kate's workshops have been running in our schools for years. The kids all look forward to them and they are always amazed at what they are able to accomplish."

Helge D.
Parent from Montreal
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