Paper engineering. Both short and long term projects.

a) Pop-Up Lab

Experiment like a scientist and an artist--paper engineers are both!

Learn techniques to create a collection of pop-up maquettes that will serve as samples for future projects. Experiment and make mistakes, but also discoveries.


Minimum: one hour per group.

b) Pop-Up Folio

A folio is a piece of paper folded in half, like a greeting card. With quality cardstock as the base and thinner card for the pop-up inside, you have a little environment for the project of your choice.


Minimum: two hours total per group. 


  • A face (biography)

  • A pyramid (history)

  • A volcano (environmental studies)

  • A monster (language arts)

  • A bar graph (math)

c) Pop-Up Carousel

A pop-up carousel is four collapsable “rooms” that look like a simple book when closed. When open, they form a 360-degree “house.”


Minimum: two sessions of two hours each.



  • A 19th century house 

  • A haunted house

  • Four rooms in a museum

  • The four cardinal directions

  • Four imaginary spaces (a dream classroom, bedroom, playground, etc.)

d) Pop-Up Book

What do you get when you glue a bunch of pop-ups together? An accordion! Add a cover, and you’ve got your own pop-up book. The cover paper is sturdy but removable and two-sided.


Minimum: two sessions of two hours each.



  • Animals

  • Space

  • Natural disasters

  • A fairy tale

  • My town

“The students got very involved in the project. It’s a really stimulating workshop! What the students enjoyed most was realizing that they were capable of making their own pop-ups. Kate is wonderful and super organized. I loved this workshop and so did the kids!”

Marina C.
Teacher from Montreal