Bookmaking and Pop-Up Workshops

For kids in schools, libraries, museums, after-school programs, and summer camps. And for adults, too!

Projects include writing, illustrating, imagining, calculating, and constructing.

Workshops offered in English, ESL, French, Spanish, German, or Italian.



Make a flat drawing lift up from the page. Add text and...voilà!

For ages 4 to 104.


Bind your writing and illustrations into a real hardcover book.

For kids ages 6 to 12.

Hardcover Books

Create out-of-the-ordinary books inspired by history, math or magic!

For ages 4 to 104.

Artist Books


  • Help people of all ages discover the magic (and science!) of making their very own books and pop-ups.

  • Facilitate cross-curricular, multidimensional projects.

  • Organize workshops in such a way that kids do as much themselves as possible.

  • Provide the opportunity for participants to use authentic tools and supplies.

  • Encourage the reduction, reuse, and recycling of paper when possible.

  • Exploit the richness of the book arts: from the fascinating history of books and pop-ups, to the marvels of paper and its mechanical, mathematical, and scientific aspects.

  • Strive to have all participants, regardless of their abilities or challenges, find some part of the project that resonates with them.

  • Give kids and adults the techniques they need to continue creating with paper after the workshop is finished.


“I love Kate’s bookbinding workshops! The creation of a real hardcover book is a fantastic project that gives students a meaningful reason to write.


My students were enthusiastic during the writing process, engaged and excited during the binding day, and very proud of the end product.”

Scott H.

Teacher from Vancouver

Call me at (1) 514-270-8833 or send an email to discuss your class or group. 

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